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Winter Booting Tips

If you choose to have a fire at your river camp, please do so sensibly.

The gathering of driftwood for fires is only allowed from first October to April 30, and driftwood is the only wood that may be gathered and burned in the Ground. Driftwood should only be gathered close to the water in areas where the river is still actively depositing it. Wood found far from the water's edge may be significant or from past flood events, and should not be gathered. Driftwood is found near the strand line at the water's border and has been clearly worked by the river. So, please stay close to the water when collecting.

In several parts of the country, the collection of dead, dry and down wood is encouraged. This is prohibited in some of the areas, so be careful of about camp site information. This wood is important for the stabilization of delicate sand dunes and the ecological endurance of the area. At popular camps, dead and down wood is often used to restore impacted areas; so it may be protecting susceptible resources. Never collect dead, dry and down wood and don't tear down or cut living trees, even if they are in outdoors.






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