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Friday, September 11, 2009

Preparing for a backpacking camping journey involves a tiny more preparation than usual campground camping. Read on for more tips on getting ready for a backpacking camping tour.

  • Invest in a good backpacking frame
  • Pack small and light
  • Plan your route
If you are a more experienced backpacker, it is still an excellent idea to plan your route in front of time, instead of wandering off on the trails on your own. Having a planned route will help you avoid any hazardous geographic features you are not prepared for just like rivers or gully and will help rescuers find you, should you become missing.
  • Practice makes perfect
Once you have assembled all your gear, apply unpacking and repacking it all several times before you start out on your trip. Your first night on the trails is not the best time to discover that it is not so easy to fit your tent back into the small bag it came in. Also, it is important to get used to the feel of the rucksack on your shoulders before you get on on your trip. Try walking around the block a few times with your backpack on and loaded to be sure it is adjusted accurately to your body.

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