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How to Choose Summer Camp?

Choosing a summer camp is one of the difficult tasks. There are thousand of camps which appear to be similar, but each camp has its own personality and USP. During the process you should keep in mind that you need to find the "perfect camp". Here is a simple systematic approach process in choosing the perfect camp rather than looking at the hundreds of camps,

  • Start with an estimation of what are your child's needs and family's necessities.
  • Make a short list of only 3 or 4 camps that are conclusive of these criteria.
  • Glance for the reasons to reject each camp from your list. Ask for brochures from these short listed camps and speak to their staff. Visit the camp if possible. If you find any reasons that does not fit your family just drop it because there are many options available.
  • The rest of the camps satisfy your entire requirement, select them. While selecting the camp your focus should be on your family requirement "Not" what the camps are offering.

What is Camp Crowd?

Camp crowd is a family of camps that have joined together to take the advantage of a larger institute, although their functioning is independent.

What Is The Value Of Summer Camp?

Millions of people round the world start to look for summer camp, where they can spend their holidays through fertile process of learning as well as having fun in the fresh air. Camping is more than just an enjoyable ritual. It's a great way to develop your skills like:

  • Developing New Abilities

When people attend summer camps, the exposure to new and different activities so that they could develop their new skills which they've never had before is just great. For so many people camp is their first chance to have the experience and portray their abilities.

  • Builds Self-Esteem

Getting experience, learning to master new things, new skills give campers an unbelievable chance of success, which helps them to develop their self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Development Of Social Skills

When kids are learning these things they're also getting support from old and new friends. There's a lot of social engagement in summer camps and they get the chance to meet new people, build and shape friendship, and learn to adjust to new social relations.

  • Learn Independence

In camping they also learn to be independent, reliability and self-determination. They're on their own, away from their families and the counselors give them a variety of responsibilities to live up to the tasks to complete.

  • Achieve Environmental Alertness

The extra advantage for kids, says Rowen: is being in a beautiful environment that's so different from the community in which they're coming from. For many young people, camp is the first place where they can practice the wonders of nature, and this not only widens their horizons, but also helps to construct a confidence in the importance of preserving the natural world.

How to Pack For Camp?

Whether your child is going for short or long camp, packing and preparing can seem like a frightening task. One needs to think: How many clothes to take? What all requirements? What type of luggage should I carry? With a small strategy, institute and contact with your child's camp, packing will be a breeze until they return home for the unpacking.

Here are things to think before you start, luggage to use and additional things you may forget.

Things to ask before you begin packing

  • Will I get a camp clothing list? In the list you will find the number of recommended clothing items, toiletries and other things to bring for special events, like overnight campouts or dressing activities. If you haven't received a clothing list, call the camp staff or visit their website and see if the clothing list is available for download.
  • Every camp is different and has there are own rules for what each and every camp what is permissible. Like: Some don't allow electronic games, gears, CD players etc....
  • Many camps try to reduce aggressive dressing among campers by requiring uniforms. Some camps require their camp logo to include on all clothing, some camp require particular shirt and some color. Be sure to clear up any problem about your child's required before your child leaves for the camp.
  • What item does the camp provide? Some camps provide extra blankets, sheets, mattress pads and towels. Evaluate your clothing list for more information about the items that camp provides.

Things to ask before you begin packing

Even though all camp is unique then to some common activities include: football, swimming, music, cooking, horseback riding, dancing, baseball, fishing, hockey, movies talent shows, and cycle rides, fire fighters socializing and laughing.

Safety is the major priority of camp staff and volunteers. All activities are strictly monitored, oversee by practiced persons.