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Camping Hint

Futurecamping is known for its unpredictable weather. Check the weather forecast for the area.

  • Plan your trip--know about the area and how to get there.
  • Take enough food, clothing, and equipment to keep you comfortable in case of emergency.
  • Notify others of where you will be, and when you plan to be home, in case someone needs to find you.
  • If you are a beginning camper, contact your local camping outfitter for a general checklist of camping equipment.

  • Personal Safety

  • Prevent animals from getting into your food. Consider placing it in your vehicle, or hanging it in a tree (12' high, 4' from tree trunk).
  • State forest campground wells are approved by Michigan Department of Public Health.
  • Keep a few logs in your tent to keep them dry.
  • Always bring extra matches.
  • Reminders:

  • Be careful with your campfire -- keep it small.
  • Be a good neighbor -- control your noise and animals.
  • Be respectful of your state forest -- keep the trees and shrubs alive and growing.
  • Always keep your dog on a leash no longer that 6 feet, and away from public swimming areas.

The 'No Impact' Camper follows these guidelines to insure that today's forest and campground resources are available to tomorrow's users:

  • If you carry it in, please carry it out. This will eliminate litter.
  • Camp in a designated campsite within designated campgrounds, unless you have obtained an undesignated camping permit.
  • Protect water sources from contamination.
  • Use biodegradeable soap, or try hot water soapless dishwashing, bathing and clothes washing.
  • When using soap (even biodegradeable) and toothpaste, do so at least 100' away from natural water sources and well or faucet water sources.
  • Prevent forest fires.
  • Keep fires small.
  • Have water available to extinguish the fire properly.
  • Never leave a fire unattended.
  • Maintain a 10' diameter and debris-free area around the fire.
  • Make sure ashes are cold when you leave a fire.