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A travel agency is one of the retail business and it is avialble in almost all the major cities in our country. Such travel related agencies sells travel related products and they provide services to customers on behalf of suppliers. Travel agency suppliers are car rentals, hotels, railways, airlines, sightseeing tours, cruise lines etc.,

Most of the travel agencies having individual departments to deal with ordinary tourists and it is easy for them to make travel arrangements for business travelers and campers. Some of the travel agencies are specialize in commercial travel and some others are interested in business travel only. In addition there is some other travel agencies are also avilable, they serve as a general sales agents for foreign travel campanies.

Cox & Kings is a british company that said to be called as the oldest travel agency in the world. But the modern travel agency was appeared in 19th century. Dean and Dawson, the Polytechnic Touring Association and the Co-operative Wholesale Society are some of the other british pioneer travel agencies.

Hotel and Accomodation

An establishment that provides paid lodging is simply called as a Hotel. The following are some of the unusual hotels.

5 Unusual hotels

  • Treehouse hotels
  • Bunker hotels
  • Cave hotels
  • Capsule hotels
  • Ice and snow hotels

Some of the hotels sell individual rooms to investors only. Timeshare one of the best example of this kind of investment. The buyer is allowed to stay in the room without charge or at a reduced rate for a given number of days each year. The investor is paid a share of the takings for the room. Rooms can be sold on a leasehold basis, sometimes on a 999 year lease. Room owners are free to sell at any time.

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