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Set up Camping Tents

How to Set up Camping Tents

Built a camping tent is vital activity in tent camping as well in all camping trip, it is also a camping activities.

When you are in outing it is very essential to build a camping tent. We guide you with some of the Camping Tips for tent making. You should consider about the camping tents in tent camping as well as in all camping trips when you prepare Camping Gear for outing. Building a camping tents might be a fun and relaxing Camping Activities, with a little bit of proper planning and preparation.

For building a camping and hiking tent, the first thing is you should choose a perfect and safety location. After that, you have to decide where and how to pitch a Tent. In this article, I will give you some important guidelines on pitching your camping tent and how to set up a camping and hiking tent during rough conditions.

The way you set up your camping tent will of course differ from one Camping Tent type to another so refer to your Tent's manual for perfect instructions. It is important to pitch our tents in a safe and sheltered place.

First find out what the current wind direction is and set your tent up in a way that the doors and/or vents are allied along the wind direction. This will greatly raise the ventilation in your tent and help you in your fight against concentration.

You will need to pitch your hiking and camping tents evenly and protected them as good as you probably can. A lot can change during the night so even if the conditions are huge as you pitch your camping tent, you should always get ready for the worst. Knowing the precise weather conditions is a good first step. Let us see how to set up camping tents and most popular Types of camping tents.

Setting up a Tent:

  • Practice setting up your tent before you go camping. Setting up your camping tent at least a couple times, directions in hand, before dusk on the evening of your camping trip is a good idea, and some camping tents are quite difficult to assemble. Setting up a tent could seem a complex task to a first-time camper.  While some camping tents have simple designs, like family tents, and other tents have complex designs, like dome tents arenot easy to assemble when it's dark and you are in the woods.

  • Choose Relatively High, Level Ground. Clear the area of any large sticks, rocks or other wreckage which could cause a rip or puncture in your tent or that would be uncomfortable while sleeping.

  • Check for a Water Source Nearby. Water is necessary for camping; you'll need it for all your drinking, cooking, and cleaning up.

  • Unpack the tent. Arrange the parts (tent stakes, tent poles, tent pegs, hammer rain fly and so on) of your camping tent into respective groups.

  • Unfold the tent and lays it in the respective area. Make sure it is facing the direction you desire and Point it towards the east could be preferable, if you want to open your tent door on the sunrise.

  • Stake down the corners of your tent. If your tent has a ground cloth or a footprint then set that down first. Next, stake down your tent and make sure to pull the floor of the tent fairly stiff as you do so. Big tents and family tents are almost always have to be staked down, but some backpacking tents do not. Free-standing tents should be staked down if possible, but most tents have to be staked before they'll stand up.

  • Connect your tent poles. Make sure that you don't put the wrong sections together; the tent poles may be color-coded. If not, analyze the directions for your tent to find out the difference between different poles.

  • Assemble the tent. A tent for camping comes in a variety of different designs. Some tents are free-standing, like many dome tents(use several poles that support each other), some tents have simple designs, like family tents, and while other tents have simple two-pole designs and stand up only when the tent is staked down. However your tent works, actually erecting the frame of the tent will involve sliding the tent poles through sleeves on the outside of the tent or secure the ends of the poles in grommets at the bottom of the tent, and then attaching the body of the tent to the poles through clips.

  • Secure the rain-fly of the tent. Camping tents usually aren't waterproof. Single-wall tents are usually expensive mountaineering tents that are uncomfortable for most normal situations.  Rain-fly tents come with a waterproof cover that secures over the top of the tent to protect it from the rain, which usually involve binding the corners of the rain-fly to cords that attach to the base of the tent, and may include additional clips or ties that attach to the tent poles.

You can see six different types of camping tents with descriptions and features.

Columbia Bugaboo-ii Dome Camping Tent

Columbia Bugaboo-ii Dome Camping Tent


It is very easy to set up Columbia Bugaboo II Dome Camping tent and about five to six people can sleep comfortably both in rain and shine. Columbia Bugaboo keeps you dry and it makes you comfortable in wet condition. The taped fly and the floor bring more protection from extreme weather. When the main fly is down, the air circulation is better when using cyclone venting system.

The Bugaboo Dome Camping tent is easy to build with a color-coded fiberglass poles, snips and cover combo, and a ring and pin pole attachment system. Such Camping tents are made of powerful polyester taffeta, which has better UV resistance when compare to nylon. There is a big open in D door side. External storage lockers are available to keep Camping Gear separated from our living space.

Features of Columbia Bugaboo Camping Tent:

  • Modified dome camping tent where 5 can sleep comfortably
  • Main fly, floor and body made of Polyester Taffeta
  • Air circulation is better when rainfly is in use with Cyclone Venting system
  • Tub floor design hush-up the sides and is protected by rain gravel
  • Internal pockets and gear loft for organization
  • External storage lockers are available for gear
  • Shock corded fiberglass poles, color-coded for easy assembly
  • One large D door for easy entry and exit
  • Removable mud mat
  • Flashlight loop
  • Quick release buckle system easily and quickly attaches fly
  • EZ Pak expandable storage duffle

Coleman Kraz-x Campin Tent



The Kraz-x Camping Tent is low budget camping gear and it is more comfortable in all 3 seasons. Such camping tent satisfies your expectations in a good sheltering. It might be a good starter tent for taking your first steps in the camping. Kraz-x is initially looks like odd tent, if you used this camping tent to tunnels and geodesics. There is no hard risk in the tent building and also it takes less time to build such tents.

The inner side of the tent is basically a slightly oversized, hooped, bivi. The foot end hoop is small and the head end hoop is large. You can make the head end enlarge so that most of the people can sit up inside. The inner hangs, attached by loops, with the poles sitting is ferruled tapes on the ground. The flysheet is attached with adjustable tensioning loops, sits about an inch off the ground, and so that it can helps with ventilation. But the inner side is still protected by the bathtub groundsheet.

Features of Coleman Kraz-x Campin Tent:

  • Size: 236 x 100 x 100cm
  • Packed size: 44 x 15 cm.
  • Headroom 95 cm.
  • Flysheet fabric: 210T Polyester ripstop, PU coated, 4000mm, taped seams, UV Pro
  • Groundsheet: Nylon 190 T, 5000 mm
  • Pithches: Inner first
  • Poles: Aluminium 7001-T6 pre-bent front pole, external mesh sleeves
  • Reflective guyropes
  • Dual poles for a sturdy structure
  • Vented fly reduces condensation
  • Color coded poles for easy assembly
  • Includes lightweight aluminum pegs and drawstring storage bag
  • View out window in vestibule
  • Inner-tensioning canopy

Compact Oasis-ii Camping Tent

Compact Oasis-ii Camping Tent


Oasis Camping Tents are usually built for safaris and back country expeditions. Oasis Camping tent is more compact and it put us on higher ground just like our trailer or our vehicle. It is built in a flat surface on the level which helps us to keep away from nosey critters and run-offs. Such camping tents can be adjustable for various sizes according to our needs.

Oasis Camping tents are made with aluminum ladder which help us to get in to the tent on the vehicle. The double wall design and screened ventilation roof panels control the condensation.

Features of Compact Oasis-ii Camping Tent:

  • It can be fitted to virtually any vehicle with very little effort.
  • Rugged Aluminum frame construction with waterproof
  • Modern 300D polyester fabric construction.
  • Stable, wide, and easily adjustable extension ladder reaches
  • Over 9 feet for fitment on virtually any vehicle. Can be
  • Climbed comfortably in bare feet.
  • Lightweight at less than 40 lbs, the Oasis 2 can be easily
  • Lifted onto any vehicle at a moment’s notice. Nearly 100lbs
  • More lighter than some rooftop tents!
  • Works with virtually every factory roof rack or aftermarket
  • No expensive heavy mounting rack is required.
  • Does not require permanent attachment to the vehicle.
  • Install the tent in minutes when you need it then store it under a bed when not in use.
  • Low profile and lightweight the Oasis II has negligible effect on mileage and vehicle stability when installed.
  • Can be easily removed from the vehicle for ground camping

Emerald Mountain-sl2 Camping Tent

Emerald Mountain-sl2 Camping Tent


Emerald Mountain Camping Tent is made for both in all 3 seasons. It is made up of lightweight silicone materials and is coated with waterproof polyurethane. The additional feature is it includes DAC Twist Clips, double doors and vestibules, interior mesh pockets, stuff sack, superlight aluminum J stakes and reflective guyline and reflective webbing.

Emerald Mountain SL2 tents use Featherlite NSL poles, which is specially designed for Eco-Friendly anodizing process that significantly reduces the utilize of dangerous chemicals, as well as Reverse Combi pole optimization for enlarged strength and weight savings. The Big Agnes Emerald Mountain SL 2 Person Tent unites the benefits of our lightest free-standing tents with spacious interiors and two opposing doors and vestibules.

Features of Emerald Mountain-sl2 Camping Tent:

  • The superlight Emerald Mountain 2 combines a lightweight, freestanding design with a roomy interior and two opposing D-shaped doors
  • DAC Featherlite® NSL pole system features eco-friendly anodizing, lightweight, strong poles with press-fit connectors, a hub and twist clips
  • Reverse combi-poles combine varying diameter pole sections to capitalize on strength, weight savings and headroom
  • Nylon ripstop fly has a silicone treatment and waterproof polyurethane coating; mesh tent body and waterproof nylon floor
  • Single hub/pole design and clip attachments provide quick and easy setup
  • Generous use of mesh means a well-ventilated tent
  • All seams on the rainfly and floor are taped for waterproof protection
  • Three mesh floor pockets keep tent well organized
  • For a lightweight set up during nice weather leave tent body behind; use footprint (sold separately) with poles, fly and stakes
  • Optional, zip-on, pole-supported front vestibule (sold separately) adds generous storage area
  • Tent stuff sack features an external mesh pocket and strap to secure poles; also includes stakes and guylines
  • Average minimum weight specification is based on tent, rainfly and poles only
  • SL in product name refers to Super Light

Eureka Solitaire Camping Tent

Eureka Solitaire Camping Tent


Eureka's most compact is a solo tent; the Solitaire Tent is a recurrent favorite of backpackers everywhere. This cover is a tremendously well ventilated light weight solo tent. Eureka Solitaire Tent is a 2 hoop bivy style with a net roof so that you may stargaze in pleasant weather and always get great ventilation. A sole zippered roof provides an additional exit in pleasant weather. Tent set up is very easy with continuous sleeves that feed to pole pockets. The complete coverage fly is already attached so it can be rolled back easily or put in place very quickly.

Features of Eureka Solitaire Camping Tent:

  • 2 hoop bivy-style tent
  • Durable 6.3 mm fiberglass frame is shockcorded for fast set up
  • Pole pockets on one end; ring and pin on the other for speed set up of the Eureka Solitaire tent
  • Nylon pole sleeves aid in set up and stability
  • 3 storm guyouts on fly
  • Eureka Solitaire includes 2 storage pockets and 1 flashlight loop
  • Zipper in roof cloth for easy entry/exit
  • Sleeps: 1
  • Seasons: 3
  • Tent Area: 21.33 sq. ft.

Clark Vertex Jungle-hammock Camping Tent

Clark Vertex Jungle-hammock Camping Tent


It is very easy to set up Columbia Bugaboo II Dome Camping tent and about five to six people can sleep comfortably both in rain and shine. Columbia Bugaboo keeps you dry and it makes you comfortable in wet condition. The taped fly and the floor bring more protection from extreme weather. When the main fly is down, the air circulation is better when using cyclone venting system.

It is hanging from 3 supports and a flexible fiberglass pole; this Clark hammock will keep us away from the mosquitoes and the rain out. Such waterproof Clark Vertex Jungle Hammock Camping tent is made of sil-nylon rain fly. Some extra features are also available, it includes storage pockets, No-See-Um netting, built-in stuff bag and small tie-out cords for rain fly and hammock.